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34 East Main Street, #232 Smithtown NY 11787
Tel 917-847-6420 or 631-348-6925 / Fax 631-348-6926

In order for us to file a Mechanic’s Lien, an Extension or a
Satisfaction of Mechanic’s Lien we need some detailed
information from you.

You can either e mail the completed form to us or print and fax it
back to us at the above fax number.

We can begin our research and document preparation with the e
mailed or faxed copy but we need the original form with an
original signature which authorizes us to act as your agent.

This will allow us to file the Mechanic’s Lien on your behalf as your

For Extensions or Satisfactions please send us a copy of the
original Mechanic’s Lien

Do not hesitate to call with questions.

We are here to HELP you.

Tel 917-847-6420 or 631-348-6925 / Fax 631-348-6926